Our Programs

All families of children enrolled in our Faith Formation programs need to be registered and active parishioners of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys parish.


The mission of the Faith Formation Program of Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys is to lead the youth of our parish “out of” the false promises of the world and to the glorious promises of our Lord Jesus Christ as taught for 2000 years in our Roman Catholic Faith. Achieving this required serious commitment and cooperation among priests, catechists, and families.

Priests must constantly encourage and make available the reception of the sacraments, especially Confession and Eucharist. Catechists must teach the pure doctrines of the Faith without compromise. Parents must work to integrate in their children the doctrines of Catholicism through love, regular Sunday Mass attendance, family prayer and by example.

Admissions Policy

Registration begins in April and continues through the summer. However, we ask each family to register in April or as soon as possible to allow for classroom planning and ordering of books.


Arrival/Dismissal Procedure

Family Formation (Grades 1-6):
Parents – please check in at the tables in the Hall for your monthly packet. Children – Please report to your classroom.

Children will be brought to the Hall to meet their parents.


Confirmation Prep (7th/8th Grades)
7th Grade reports to Room 1.
8th Grade reports to Classroom 9.
Parents should make meeting plans with their child for dismissal. If you are attending the 10:30 A.M. Mass, we can send your child directly into the church.


Attendance Policy

Proper religious education can only occur with regularity of attendance. All children in all grades must not miss more than 3 classes during the year, especially when it is a sacrament year. Make up classes for Family Formation (Grades 1-6) will be on a weeknight. Excessive absences will require a review with Mary Ellen Tiernan, our Faith Formation Director.

Cancellation of Class

Inclement weather notifications will be on our website, our Facebook page, parish’s phone message, sent by email, and at local television stations.