28 May 2017

     We are pleased to announce the first recipient of our annual St. Marguerite Scholarship Program, Bobby Blair. We congratulate him on his scholastic achievements at St. Gregory the Great elementary school, and this Scholarship Award of $4,000 will be given to Immaculate High School as part of Bobby’s first year of tuition. We also congratulate Bobby’s parents, Robert and Cathy, and we look forward to his achievements at Immaculate High during the next four years!

     Last fall, our parish Finance Council felt that St. Marguerite’s Endowment Fund, created in August 2014, had grown to the level where we now should begin fulfilling the third purpose of the Endowment Fund itself. St. Marguerite’s Endowment Fund allows parishioners to make bequests in their will or to make gifts currently to continue the mission of the Church, to provide the means to maintain and improve the physical structures of the church campus, and to support the development of the faith, especially among younger parishioners. We thank once again all of our most generous contributors to the Endowment Fund. We also encourage anyone who would like to make a gift to the Fund, which could be given to continue the current operations of the parish or as a legacy gift, to speak with me or with Greg Dembowski, our Finance Chairman. Our parish Endowment is funded by investments in Ave Maria Mutual Funds, which is a group that invests in companies compatible with Catholic values. Anyone who is interested may go to the parish website, and under the tab, “Our Parish,” we have a link to our “Parish Investment Policy.” We encourage you to look at our St. Marguerite Endowment Program. It not only supports the parish currently, but investments today ensure that St. Marguerite Parish is financially solid for years to come through your continued generosity!

     One of the important purposes of the Endowment Fund is to make disbursements that further the mission of the Church. The Finance Council wanted to create a scholarship program to promote the spiritual, intellectual, and social education of a parishioner entering his or her first year at Immaculate High School. Our website contains the criteria for this annual scholarship under the tab, “Our Parish,” with the link to the “IHS Scholarship Program.” Our desire is that with more investments in the Endowment Fund and with its continued growth, the award will also increase so that more students from our parish who will be attending Immaculate High School will be able to enjoy a substantial scholarship for their first year.

     St. Marguerite’s has also concluded our first year implementing Family Formation. I thank in a very special way Mary Ellen Tiernan, who is tireless in her dedication and experience to help form, along with your families, the Catholic faith of the next generation by making your homes a “domestic church.” However, Mrs. Tiernan is not alone. Our catechists and their aides are also dedicated in their commitment to share the faith and to provide positive, Christian values to our children, middle-schoolers, and Confirmation students. They show our children that their faith does, indeed, make the best difference in their lives, especially when the whole family is involved. I am very pleased with this first year of Family Formation, and we look forward to the fall for a new series of lessons with our families! I am most grateful to Pauline Anzalone, Linda Arthur, Phyllis Babuini, Joseph Cann, David Piccorelli, Carol Caraluzzi, Chris Delia and family, Greg Dembowski, Olimpia Fata, Michael Forese, Rosemary Hartmann, Megan Henderson, Cathy Lathrop, Rista Luna, Tami Nimer, Joseph Rajcula, Stephanie Rossi and family, Joseph Secola, Ellen Suarino, Maria Vida, Valerie Droukas, Kathleen Malecki, Michael Pangia, Carmela Mangini, Ali Mascioli, Kathy and Frank Spina, and Denise Sullivan. May you all have a restful and prayerful summer season, and we certainly hope that you will join us again in the fall! 

     May you have a most blessed and holy week!

     Fr. Shawn William Cutler


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“The Visitation” by Jerónimo Ezquerra. Source: Wikimedia Commons.